Mamavation Monday

January 16, 2011 at 10:22 pm (mamavation)


This week has been such a eye opening week for me. As you all know I have been honored with a spot as a finalist for the next mamavation mom. This has been a dream of mine for over a year now. Now  @pawf1067, @christidarty, @notimemom, @misslori, @elenka29,

@ayoyomommy,@katjrobertson, @christlikemommy, @nccarterfamily,

@youngfabmama,@momruns26 and myself @beeacutie2 all have the chance to be the two chosen as the next Mamavation mom.  I wanted to share with you all a few lesson I have learned from being in Mamavation.

First: Leah is an a wonderful person who everyone should get the chance to meet in real life. Leah spends more time and money then you know on Mamavation it is her baby. Leah you know how much I love you and I am so glad I was able to find you and Mamavation.

Second: Mamavation is not a quick fix, it is a place to come and learn. A place to make friends who have the same goals as you do. This past year I have made so many friends.  The friendships I have made I know will last forever.  I have seen many people come into Mamavation, but I have also seen many people leave Mamavation. This has always hurt me because of the special place in my life Mamavation has.

Third: Set little goals! So many times in my life I have set myself up for failure by setting to big of a goal. Now I have learn that by making little goals of 5lbs at a time I can do it. Also baby step!

Forth: Suck it up! We all are women which means we all are get PMS so we will get on each other nerves. That is no reason for us to quit Mamavation. Sometimes I know I will say something that you may not like and to thank I am sorry, but please do not get mad at Leah or at Mamavation, talk to me. If someone else has said something to you then talk to them. We are women we get pissy its true we do, but know this, we are also women which means we are here for each other. I have seen this group support each other so much. So please take a deep breath count to ten and move on! 🙂

Last: To all the Finalist I hope you know much you each have touched my life with your videos. I wish we all could win, but please remember this our own Mamavation Mom Rachel Stafen was not chosen the first time and she came back did it again was picked! So lets not give up! Please stay with the Mamavation sisterhood we have the move it and loose it to do together. We can all will be Losers!!!!! get it losers! 🙂

I hope you all know how much I love you all. Mamavation is a part of my everyday life.  Here is the fun part my before pics and sats!





















These are my Wonderful before Pictures! I am kind of excited to be posting these as I am ready to see some results! Now here are my stats!

Bust 45 Inches

Waist 42 Inches

Hips 52 inches

Right arm 15 1/2 inches

Left arm 14 1/2 inches

Left thigh 29 inches

right thigh 28 inches

So this is me all my wonderful glory lol! I am excited to party with you all tomorrow! Till then!





  1. lena b said,

    Yay! I got to see your post before yo linked it up.
    You are right, it is all about the basics. This is a great community with a great support system. Good Luck with your weight loss goals

  2. Andrea Kruse (@notimeMom) said,

    I agree it is a great group of women. Such a wonderful thing to have a positive group here for supporting each other. I know how difficult it can be to lose all alone. Even with spouse support alone it can be difficult. I feel very lucky to have also found this group and be a part of it. Good luck tomorrow. I know we are all nervous and excited. I sure am.

  3. Steph @fitmomtraining said,

    Good luck tomorrow! It’s been a tough week for you all but you’re shining throughout it all! I can’t wait to see what the next 7 weeks will bring for all you wonderful finalists!

  4. christlikemommy said,

    Every group of women are going to hit there rough spots at times, but the ones who are victorious are the ones who suck it up, stay strong and stick with it! Thanks so much for bring out all those points today! Great advice mama!!! Good luck, no matter what we are in this together!!

  5. Greta said,

    Right on! Put on our big girl pants and support each other! You’re hilarious. Love you!

    Good luck!! Can’t wait to see your progress! Can’t wait to meet Leah in real life!!

  6. Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said,

    Wow Amanda – you look amazing! Good luck – see ya at the Twitter Party tomorrow night!

    • beeacutie2 said,

      thank you so much I have a long way to go but I am slowly getting there!

  7. kia said,

    I am excited to see your transformation new mama! Good luck with the party tomorrow. Also, are those last measurements for your thighs or calves? Double check that. Hearts and hugs and luck and love!

  8. Megan @MNMSpecial said,

    Great things to point out (especially 4). I love Mamavation. Good Luck tomorrow I know you will rock it no matter the out come, but fingers are crossed! I need to get with you on maternity shopping and such…but I’ll wait till after the campaign probably (if I can get away with it). See you tomorrow!!!

  9. MrsFatass said,

    What an inspirational post. I wish you all kinds of luck with the campaign, and will be here to support you no matter how it turns out.

  10. Colleen said,

    Lots of luck tonight….I am rooting for you!!! You deserve to get some extra support as you have been such a huge support to all the women who have come and gone through Mamavation!

  11. MrsFatass said,

    Good luck tonight! Great post. Love your words to stay committed and above the drama.

  12. Erin @wildlifebio said,

    Great post! I am also trying to make small goals. I told myself this year that if I could lose even 1 lb a week that will be 52 pounds this year! So one pound at a time is what I am thinking.
    Good luck to you, I look forward to seeing your successes no matter what happens tonight.

  13. Carrie Symes said,

    I totally agree with you! You brought out some amazing and true points! Good luck tonight!!

  14. Shelley said,

    WOW!!! you are REMARKABLE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your post because it is sooooo true!!! I am blessed to have gotten to know you and am grateful and honored to call you a friend! Good luck tonight… and with the rest of your LIFE! and I LOVE the blog!

  15. Rebecca B. said,

    Mamavation is a great group of women, but with any group there’s going to be PMS and cattiness and all that…. what makes us great is that we still stick together and get through it! Love it!

    I’ve learned so much through Mamavation, and am looking forward to being around for a long time and learning more!

    Love the pics and Good luck tonight!

  16. Angela @ Nine More Months said,

    Amanda! I am so excited for you and happy to have the chance to go along with you on this crazy journey. 🙂 We are going to do great and I think it’s awesome that there are 4 of us this campaign. Lots of support and love to go around! Congrats again!

  17. angelretreat said,

    congrats on being chosen as mamavation mom and thank you for reminding me of those lessons hugs

  18. lorrie said,

    accidently logged in under my other blog this one is my health related one

  19. lorrie said,

    congrats on being a mamavation mom

  20. Marci said,

    Good luck with all of your weight loss goals!!! Wanted to thank you for putting my button on your blog 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!

  21. MiLo said,

    Awesome, I am so excited for you! You’re right, taking before pictures is thrilling because it creates the anticipation of seeing some results! There’s no better motivator than seeing progress. You have every right to be proud of yourself, I know you’ll do great! 🙂

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